Howdy fellas!
We officially opened the online Master’s degree “School of Blog”, the first of its kind in Italy. The web site, currently all in Italian, is (…guess you knew that!)

The Master’s is completely free for 30 students selected according to a series of online assessments. We pledge transparency and promote “merit” in the process, count on it!

The subjects we’ll cover are highlighted in here (can download pdf)
The Master SQcuola di Blog will cover a total of 500 hours.

Only 40 hours in “presence” (we scheduled 3 big events in Milan, Modena and Parma). The remaining 460 hours will be accessible remotely online.
– 200 hrs of Project Work;
– 24 hrs of Online Seminars – Mondays 07,00 PM – 09,00 PM (GMT+1)
– 36 hrs of online tutorials using a “collaboration area” in our portal with chat & forum;
– 200 hrs of online Webinars, with pre-recorded lessons prepared by us teachers.

As for the Programme, we thought any Social Media Professional should follow a “4-step path” as follows:

  1. Evangelization 2.0 – create awareness
    What’s a Social Media really? How did it develop? What are the opportunities? What has changed? What are the risks involved? What are the rules? What are the emerging tools? How do they work?
  2. Social Media Marketing (the theory)
    What is Social Media Marketing? Here we start going deep into the tools, understanding the real opportunities and dynamics. Case studies, how people and firms are using them.
  3. Philanthropy 2.0
    People rather than technology are driving Social Media. We’ll tackle the issue “how do people interact?”, communication rules and techniques, how to stimulate proactive participation, create relationships online, create a network, manage a crisis, maintain the communication flow and create content by using 30 profiled characters with different styles, approaches, languages and experiences. We called it “Blog-role” and it’s one of the “key notes” of the whole project. Students will be assigned a particular character and have to engage online according to the specs provided (rather than on their personal touch). You see, we feel that firms will need people capable of being flexible in their communication approach. This way we can “train” this skill. We tested it before and can tell you it’s also lots of fun!! (because Fun is one of the requirement of this Master).
  4. Social Media Marketing – Professionals
    In the latter part of the Master’s we train students as professionals in corporate content management, reputation management, community management, SEO, SEM, creation of a viral campaign, video and photo editing, tagging and sharing content, creating participation, creating websites, customized Facebook pages and most importantly blogs.

What do you think? Isn’t it the same pattern all we bloggers followed?

Finally, the project has been funded and created by a group of consultants and teachers within LEN Learning Education Network. Our time, our resources and our experiences shared publicly. This is our mean to contribute to the slow growing of an Italian New Media Professional breed. We like to think that we can help creating opportunities 😉

In all this, not surprisingly, there are already a number of professionals that are contacting us, willing to give their contribution. We like this, and would like to favour it as much as possible. SQcuola di Blog wants to be an open and transparent project, Open Source, collaborative School whereby anyone can add value and contribute to the general good of students 😉

Besides, ain’t we all kinda sick and tired of self-celebrating Professionals grouping together to talk about what they can do? Here’s a change: “Do you know anything about Social Media, then find a way to contribute and set the example … otherwise pls stop self praising and shut up!”

Wow, sorry, got carried away 😉 Anyhow, how does it sound?
Feel free to give tips and suggestions 😉

Geom Alfieri

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